NAVTECH participates in2017Beijing International Military and Civilian Integration Equipment Exhibition

Date:Apr 14,2017

From 12th to 14th of April, 2017, the “2017Beijing International Military and Civilian Integration Equipment Exhibition” jointly sponsored by Poly National Defense Technology Research Center Co.,Ltd. and China Electronic International Exhibition Advertising Co., Ltd. was held at No. 8 Pavilion of China International Exhibition Centre (CIEC) in Beijing. Themed at “benefiting the public by converting military technologies to civil applications, be loyal to the state by civilian organizations’ participating in military technologies development”, this exhibition attracted more than 200 domestic and overseas exhibitors. The exhibition displays achievements of a dozen of military equipment manufacturing technology fields, including guidance and control technology, core electronic components, detection and identification, satellite applications, new UAV manufacturing and advanced materials manufacturing. Both of the high standard and the strong passion of exhibitors and visitors of this exhibition reflected the advancement and development of Chinese military and civilian integration from an indirect perspective.

In this exhibition, NAVTECH exhibited its traditional main products, such as high accuracy laser inertial navigation system(INS),high accuracy fiber-optic INS, fiber-optic gyro,quartz accelerometer, etc. and it also exhibited some new categories of products, for example, miniaturized fiber-optic integrated navigation system, MEMS integrated navigation system,high speed signal processor, aircraft display system, aviation backup computer and industrial-grade fixed-wing UAV. These products attracted many visitors to stop to inquire.

Since its establishment, NAVTECH has been engaging in R&D, production and sales of inertial, satellite and integrated navigation products for a long period. After the development for years, NAVTECH has formed the independent research & development and production abilities for the full range of ‘inertial navigation + satellite navigation + integrated navigation’. Its wholly-owned subsidiaryNAVTIMES possesses the complete professional qualifications for carrying out R&D, production and sales of military products. Based on the needs of industrial chain development and extensional development, NAVTECH acquired SwedishSilex Microsystems AB- the globally leading MEMS chip manufacturer, and it also acquired the high speed information processing manufacturerLiontek. Meanwhile, NAVTECH plans to continuously make active layout in business segments such as avionics, MEMS manufacturing, unmanned system and intelligent manufacturing by means of endogenous growth and extensional merger & acquisition, and it endeavors to grow as a first-class private technology enterprise group with high competition threshold.

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