Dr. Edvard, the CEO of Silex-Swedish Subsidiary, visits NAVTECH and participates in Sensor China Expo & Conference in Shanghai

Date:Sep 14,2016

On 12th of September, 2016, Dr. EdvardKälvesten, the CEO of Silex Microsystems AB– the Swedish Subsidiary which NAVTECH has completed the indirect acquisition of its 98% equity, visited China. Dr. Edvard visited NAVTECH headquarters and also met Chairman Dr. Yang Yunchun and other executives, and they mainly discussed about the MEMS industry and market trends, Silex operation condition and the cooperation prospects after the acquisition.

As theSilex founder, Dr. Edvard possesses profound professional knowledge and rich technical background, and he knows the global MEMS market very well. On 13th of September, after the end of visit in NAVTECH, Dr. Edvard went to Shanghai to participate in Sensor China Expo & Conference organized by China Sensors and IoT Industry Association (SIA), and he emphatically participated in the meeting held by MSIG (MEMS & Sensors Industry Group) (relevant web links:

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