Chairman Yang Yunchunattends the Global Sensor Summit Forum and delivers a speech

Date:Aug 29,2015

On 28th of August, “2015The Second Global Sensor Summit Forum & China IoT Applications Summit” was held at Fengda International Hotel Beijing. Being a large international exchange event about sensor technology and various IoT applications, this Forum is jointly sponsored by the Administrative Committee of Beijing Economic-Technological Development Area and Institute of Microelectronics of Chinese Academy of Sciences with the undertaker of IoT Research and Development Center of Chinese Academy of Sciences under the instruction of Beijing Municipal Commission of Economy and Information Technology.

This Summit Forum lasted for one day and was divided into the main forum and six sub-forums, with the theme of “gathering at the sensor center, seeking industrial development together”. It widely invited competent government departments, foreign and domestic well-known senor/IoT applications manufacturers, scientific research institutions, investment institutions, etc. through the form of “Summit Forum + Exhibition and Display + Investment Negotiation” to discuss about the present and future as well as challenges and opportunities of the global sensor and China IoT applications industry together. Mr. Yang Yunchun, Chairman of NAVTECH, attended the main forum and delivered a speech titled “Collaborative Innovation and Development of Advanced MEMS Process Platform-based Sensors”.

Exhibitions and displays of leading manufacturers of sensor and IoT applications fields were carried out simultaneously together with the forum. These exhibitions and displays focused on sensor technology and IoT applications, through which, attendees were able to directly contact related manufacturers. Exhibition staff from our Company made brief introduction to the self-developed MEMSinertial technology-based projects and products to some attendees via the form of on-site interaction.

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