NAVTECH Chairman Yang Yunchunis awarded the honorary title “Yizhuang Kylin Talent”

Source:NAVTECH Date:Feb 5,2016

On 2nd of February, 2016, The First Term of Yizhuang Innovation Project Talents Selection Release Event was kicked off in Beijing Yizhuang Economic-Technological Development Area. NAVTECH Chairman Yang Yunchunwas awarded the honorary title “Yizhuang Kylin Talent” in this talent selection event.

When the event host Chunni asked him about the feeling to this award, Yang Yunchun said, “First of all, I’d like to show my gratitude to all employees of NAVTECH. Secondly, I’d like to extend my sincere gratitude to the support from Development Area government. Without the great efforts of NAVTECH talent teams, NAVTECH can’t realize today’s achievements, and NAVTECH’s tomorrow also needs the driving forces from more talent teams. In the future, I hope that more NAVTECH employees can stand on this stage and get recognition from experts and the society. Recently, we are going to merge and acquire a NordicMEMSOEM named ‘Cellex’, because we are aiming to introduce the world’s most advanced production line into China and Yizhuang in Beijing, so as to response to the Development Areaslogan of building the ‘chip’ driving force. Becoming a listed company is only the start of a new stage of NAVTECH, and we will continue to do our utmost to create more and greater values. Thank you!”

Talent is the source of power to promote social development, is the source of power to promote the development of NAVTECH, it will always take a positive policy talent introduction, accelerate the realization of NAVTECH's development!

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