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 Dear all: :

Upon initiation of new website, the colleagues invited me to make a speech, and after recalling and thinking backwards, NAV Technology’s road to entrepreneurship brought all sorts of feelings to my mind. 19 years ago, I went to America for study alone and learnt from internationally famous navigation expert; via several years of study under poor condition, I finally succeeded in a special field and took a position with good pay in America. However, failing to erase a feeling hided for years, I came back to motherland to give parents and start an entrepreneurship to serve the country. In 2006, I left America resolutely to return to China and founded NAV Technology. Since its establishment, the company has been stuck to hammer at research and development of inertial navigation, satellite navigation and integrated navigation technology and product and take “advancing technology, reliable product and making armed forces powerful to serve the country” as my own duty. With unremitted efforts of over a decade, NAV Technology has passed the two stages of “exploitation and entrepreneurship” and “steadiness and enhancement”, and successfully been listed in growth enterprise market in 2015, which would boost NAV Technology’s new undertaking and achieve the dream of making armed forces powerful to serve the country.

With the leading of ambition and dream, how to realize propose of making armed forces powerful to serve the country with investors together? NAV Technology’s management layer carried out deep consideration and strategic layout, and would make strategic layout and comprehensive development as per “1112”, “1” referring to one core: Take talent and technology as core; “1” referring to one transverse line: Three industries of components →sensor →product; “1” referring to one longitudinal line: Three industries of water → land → midair equipment application; “2” referring to two markets: Both military and civil industry; the transverse line supports longitudinal line, the longitudinal line leads transverse line, and the six transverse and longitudinal industries advance together by coordination with each other.

This year is also the key year of “the 13th Five-year Plan”, two sessions newly ended in March and the 19th CPC National Congress is about to come. Under the leadership of CPC and guidance of new economic and national defense development strategy, people of NAV Technology are full of spirit and energy and have high morale, and have made sufficient preparations for practicing “1112” strategic layout. Meanwhile, based on appreciating and thanking new and regular customers, we are determined to succeed in new undertaking, make more contributions to the country, pay back expectation of extensive investors with excellent performance, and jointly fulfill dream of making armed forces powerful to serve the country.